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Heavy metals in food contact materials

This course deals with the analysis and evaluation of the release of heavy metals from food contact articles. In addition to theoretical knowledge and analytical expertise, the laboratory training also explains the legal principles and quality-relevant parameters in an accredited laboratory. Content Each participant performs all relevant procedures on real samples under professional supervision in a laboratory for routine analyses. Food-simulating migrations are prepared from various kitchen utensils, e.g. ceramic, glass, enamel or metal, under defined time/temperature conditions, which are then analyzed for their heavy metal concentration using ICP techniques. The metal concentrations in the migrations are then transferred to the samples and the results obtained are finally evaluated legally and toxicologically. Target group

  • Analysts
  • Laboratory managers
  • Users in the field of food contact materials with knowledge in analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis

Limit of participation Five-day standard course for max. four persons Date on request Location 2 days in: AGES GmbH Wieningerstrasse 8 | A-4020 Linz, Austria 3 days in: AGES GmbH Spargelfeldstrasse 191 | A-1220 Austria

Responsible for the content Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Gerhard Liftinger Division for Food Security Institute for Animal Nutrition and Feed Chemical Analysis of Elements AGES

Ing. Markus Polz Division for Food Security Institute for Food Safety Vienna Consumer Goods and Cosmetics Products AGES Fee on request

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