Detection of radioactivity with alpha spectrometry in soil, vegetation and water

In this training, you will learn the basics of measuring radioactive samples with alpha spectrometry. You will learn different methods of sample preparation as well as how to interpret and analyze alpha spectra.

The goal of this course is to teach analysis for various radioactive nuclides: from sample to test report, using a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. The course focuses on the determination of 239/240Pu, 238Pu, 241Am, 238U, 235U, 234U and 210Po including radiochemical sample preparation. They acquire knowledge of the relevant Austrian and European legal bases and frameworks for the validation of analytical methods, quality assurance results and the evaluation and interpretation of results. Participants will be able to perform sample preparation by either ion exchange, extraction chromatography or auto-deposition. The procedures will be performed by each participant under professional supervision in a fully equipped laboratory on real samples.

Target group

  • Analysts
  • Laboratory managers from the field of radioactivity analysis with alpha spectrometry (knowledge of radiochemistry is an advantage)

Limitation of participation
Five-day standard course for max. four persons

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AGES GmbH Spargelfeldstraße 191 | A-1220 Vienna, Austria

Responsible for content
Mag. Dr. Claudia Landstetter
Department of Radiation Protection and Radiochemistry Department of Radiation Protection, AGES

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Last updated: 10.10.2023

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