Herd specific vaccines

Herd-specific vaccines are inactivated vaccines (not live vaccines) produced using a pathogen (viruses, bacteria, fungi, Mycoplasma spp.) isolated from a specific herd or animal and used only in that herd or on that animal.

Our offer of a herd-specific vaccine production ensures domestic production and supply of high quality herd-specific vaccines and auto-vaccines. These customized vaccines, which cover the current germ spectrum of the respective farm, are used by the veterinarian for targeted vaccination prophylaxis in cattle, pigs, poultry, goats, sheep, fish and other animal species. This can also further reduce the use of antibiotics in the veterinary sector.

As a national reference laboratory for numerous notifiable animal diseases and as a monitoring and research institution in connection with the reduction of antibiotic use and resistance, we have a great deal of technical and practical expertise in herd-specific diagnostics and technical consulting.

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Dr. med. vet. Astrid Weiss

Last updated: 10.10.2023

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