AGES Integrative Risk Assessment, Data and Statistics

We develop, collect and document extensive data and knowledge on human, animal, plant, food and nutritional health. Based on these fundamentals, we calculate risk-based sampling plans, develop models and simulations, e.g. on the spread of diseases, compile statistics and reports or prepare evidence-based nutrition recommendations. Most importantly, we use them to assess a wide variety of risks that can affect the health of people in Austria. With our risk assessments, we support the authorities in risk management in the areas of health, food and veterinary affairs.

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Geschäftsfeld Leitung Klemens Fuchs

Our aim is to identify and assess risks to protect human, animal and plant health.

Univ.-Doz. DI Dr. Klemens Fuchs, Leitung

Our tasks

  • Preparation of scientific risk assessments
  • Method development for scientific risk assessment
  • Interface to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA - Focal Point)
  • Collection, documentation and dissemination of findings and data (including data transfer to European bodies)
  • (Semi)automated reporting
  • Support in the preparation and evaluation of multi-annual integrated control plans (MIK) according to European regulations
  • Sample planning for control programs and research projects
  • Creation/evaluation of online questionnaires
  • Data analysis and statistical modeling - Risk modeling
  • Automation of reporting processes
  • Interactive, data-based web applications
  • Creation of prognostic and early detection tools
  • Disease spread simulation (plants, animals)
  • Bioinformatic evaluations
  • Nutritional risk assessment
  • Creation of nutrition-related information
  • Evaluation of preventive measures
  • Participation in national and international committees
  • Research
  • Operation of the GIS Service Center



Univ.-Doz. DI Dr. Klemens Fuchs

Leitung Datenmanagement

Mag. (FH) Monika Goebel


Dr. Alexandra Wolf-Spitzer


DI Johann Steinwider

Leitung Statistik

Mag. Dr. Hans-Peter Stüger

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