Fertilizer products according to VO EU 2019/1009 and their conformity assessment

The new EU Fertilizer Products Regulation (FPR) has created a common legal framework for fertilizer products in the form of a "conformity assessment mechanism" that fundamentally changes product labeling requirements and the way fertilizers are CE marked. As of July 16, 2022, manufacturers, importers, agents and distributors can market CE-marked fertilizer products such as organic fertilizers, organic-inorganic fertilizers, growing media or biostimulants in the EU, provided they comply with the requirements of the new legislation. The conformity assessment procedure must be followed by manufacturers, whether they are based in an EU country or in a third country, if their products are made available on the market in the EU. The regulation provides four possible procedures for assessing the conformity of an EU fertilizer, each of which can be applied to specific products based on product function categories (PFCs) and material categories (CMCs). Three of the four conformity assessment procedures require the involvement of a designated certification body.


  • Inclusion of organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, growing media, biostimulants, and fertilizer product mixtures
  • Introduction of production function categories (PFC)
  • Strengthening the circular economy by allowing various (animal and industrial) by-products as for the production of fertilizer products
  • Introduction of component material categories (CMC)
  • Introduction of pollutant limits
  • Proof of conformity including preparation of technical documentation is a prerequisite for placing an EU fertilizer product with CE marking on the market

AGES as conformity assessment body

We have a comprehensive accreditation for carrying out conformity assessment procedures according to module B of fertilizer products (with the exception of inhibitors) in the European Union.

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Requirements for the marketability of an EU fertilizer product

  1. Product must meet the requirements for a product function category
  2. Starting materials must meet the requirements for a component material category,
  3. Product must meet the labeling requirements in Annex III; and
  4. Fertilizer product compliance must be determined by one of the assessment modules depending on the PFC and CMC used.

Assessment modules

Module Module description
A Internal production control is a conformity assessment procedure whereby the manufacturer declares on his own responsibility that the EU fertilizer products concerned satisfy the requirements of this Regulation that apply to them (notified body not involved)
A1 Production control with product testing by a notified body

The assessment of the technical design of the EU fertilizer product is carried out on the basis of an examination of the technical documentation (type examination -Module B) by a notified body.

During the subsequent internal production control (module C), the manufacturer declares on his own responsibility that the fertilizer product complies with the certificate of the previous type test. The manufacturer draws up the EU declaration of conformity and affixes the CE marking to the fertilizer product concerned.

D1 The manufacturer operates a quality system for production (manufacturing area and final inspection) to ensure conformity with legal requirements (not an EU type, used as D without module B). The notified body assesses the quality system for production (manufacturing area and final inspection).


Production function category

Category Production category
PFC 1 Fertilizers (organic, organo-mineral and inorganic)
PFC 2 Limes
PFC 3 Soil conditioners
PFC 4 Growing media
PFC 5 Inhibitors
PFC 6 Plant biostimulants
PFC 7 Fertilizer product mix

Component material category

Category Component material category
CMC 1 Substances and mixtures from unprocessed raw materials
CMC 2 Plants, plant parts or plant extracts
CMC 3 Compost
CMC 4 Fermentation residues from "fresh" plants
CMC 5 Digestate other than digestate from energy crops
CMC 6 By-products of the food industry
CMC 7 Microorganisms for plant biostimulants
CMC 8 Nutrient polymers
CMC 9 Other polymers with the exception of nutrient polymers
CMC 10 Certain animal by-products
CMC 11 By-products as defined in Directive 2008/98/EC
CMC 12 Precipitated phosphate salts (struvite) Biochar, ashes
CMC 13 Product obtained by thermal oxidation (ashes)
CMC 14 Products obtained by pyrolysis (biochar)
CMC 15 High purity materials recovered


In any case, to establish compliance, Module B must be applied to an EU fertilizer product consisting exclusively of one or more of the following component materials (CMC):

(a) nitrification inhibitors, denitrification inhibitors, or urease inhibitors as listed in Part II of Annex II CMC 1

(b) plants, parts of plants or plant extracts Annex II, Part II according to CMC 2

(c) other polymers with the exception of nutrient polymers listed in Part II of Annex II CMC 9

d) derived products within the meaning of Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 according to Annex II Part II CMC 10

Module B must in any case also be applied in the following cases:

(a) to an inhibitor as defined in PFC 5

b) to a plant biostimulant according to PFC 6; and

(c) to a fertilizer product mixture under PFC 7.

Module B may also be applied in the following cases:

(a) substances or mixtures of unprocessed raw materials listed in Part II of Annex II CMC 1, with the exception of nitrification inhibitors, denitrification inhibitors, or urease inhibitors

(b) fresh crop digestates listed in Part II of CMC 4 of Annex II

(c) by-products of the food industry listed in Part II of Annex II CMC 6

(d) micro-organisms listed in Annex II, Part II CMC 7 Annex II, Part II

(e) nutrient polymers referred to in Part II of Annex II CMC 8

(f) by-products as defined in Directive 2008/98/EC referred to in Part II of Annex II CMC 11.


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