Evidence of treatment with ionizing radiation

This training provides an overview of the treatment of various foods with ionizing radiation, including information on applications and the current legal situation. Different methods for detecting a treatment with ionizing radiation will be presented and issues of validation, quality assurance and evaluation of results will be discussed. 


  • Background of food treatment with ionizing radiation (purpose, physicochemical processes, legal aspects).


     Practical training on the detection of a treatment with ionizing radiation by luminescence measurement and electron spin resonance spectroscopy, covering the entire workflow (sample preparation, measurement, data evaluation and reporting).


  • Method validation and quality assurance

Target group

  • Analysts
  • Heads of laboratories
  • Interested persons

Limit of Participation
Five-day standard course for max. four persons

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AGES GmbH Spargelfeldstraße 191 | A-1220 Vienna, Austria

Responsible for content
Dr. Christoph Czerwenka
Department of Veterinary Medicines, Hormones and Contaminants Institute of Food Safety Vienna, AGES

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Last updated: 10.10.2023

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