National Reference Laboratory for Campylobacter

Our Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene/Center for Foodborne Infectious Diseases in Graz has been entrusted with the tasks of a National Reference Laboratory for Campylobacter in Food and Feed since 06.11.2006 and with the tasks of a National Reference Center for Campylobacter since 01.07.2007. Our National Reference Center (NRZ) and our National Reference Laboratory for Campylobacter in Food and Feed (NRL) are located in our Public Health Business Unit. The tests performed are routinely carried out in accordance with international standards. The quality of the results is ensured by participation in international interlaboratory comparisons.

Our services

  • Species/genus differentiation of Campylobacter and related genera (biochemical, MALDI-TOF, PCR, sequencing);
  • Antibiotic resistance testing: determination of the resistance of isolates from humans, animals, food and the environment to clinically relevant or epidemiologically important antibiotics on the basis of minimum inhibitory concentrations;
  • Performance of tasks within the framework of the Zoonoses Monitoring Directive 2003/99/EC;
  • Molecular biological fine typing (by means of PFGE, MLST) of isolates in the context of laboratory-based infection epidemiological clarification of infection sources and routes;
  • Qualitative and quantitative detection of Campylobacter in foodstuffs;
  • Collection of strains (human, veterinary, feed and food isolates);
  • Performance of interlaboratory tests;
  • Consulting;

Submitting isolates to the NRZ/NRL.

Fresh cultures in Amies transport medium with activated charcoal are best suited for shipping the strains. It is essential to send pure cultures.

Submissions should always be accompanied by information on the origin of the isolates as well as the necessary clinical and epidemiological data. Please use the appropriate submission form.


Mag. Dr. Sandra Köberl-Jelovcan


Mag. Dr. Ingeborg Lederer

Last updated: 15.11.2023

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