ROADS to Health: Decision Support for Pandemic Management of the Future

National and international data, approaches and experiences of the current COVID-19 crisis will be analysed in the project to identify both immediate effects and far-reaching consequences in order to be able to assess upcoming scenarios. To this end, a technological concept (tool) is being created that specifies the respective steps in pandemic management in order to adapt measures to the given situation and anticipated scenarios. This measure matching as decision support should be able to be based on the existing "Portfolio of Solutions" (POS) framework platform. The POS platform enables user-friendly, clear dashboard displays for targeted and needs-based analyses, models and decisions by means of semi-automated links.

Current developments

"ROADS to Health" is currently in the middle of its term and significant progress has been made.

The project work to date has aimed, among other things, to record and catalogue different characteristics of parameters that a pandemic or similar disease event can have. These characterising parameters include epidemiological, social, cultural and political factors, which are collected and categorically entered into a matrix.

The following figure shows a simplified representation of the complex interplay of the various factors of a pandemic with regard to the project focus:

All of the factors shown here should be taken into account in the ROADS decision support tool in order to be able to make evidence-based decisions for society as a whole. The cogwheels in the centre of the illustration represent changing and mutually influencing aspects that are specified and/or suggested during matching. The surrounding points represent important framework parameters that act as societal-dynamic influences on the concept.

Work package 2, which deals with strategic, tactical and operational objectives during the COVID-19 pandemic, was successfully completed and forms the basis for analysing the measures and their desired effects and unexpected impacts.

Advisory Board

Valuable insights and feedback were gathered from the experts on the ROADS Advisory Board in numerous interactive stakeholder workshops. The increased collaboration with selected stakeholders not only led to the optimisation of interim results, but also helped to further sharpen the larger project goals and confirm the strategic direction of the project. The following table provides an overview of the ROADS Advisory Board experts who have agreed to their names being published.

Organisation Experts
Federal Ministry of Defence, Military Command STMK Fruit. Rudolf Wabnegg
Federal Ministry of Defence, National Defence Academy DI Johannes Göllner
Caritas Care Lower Austria East Gabriela Hackl
Caritas Vienna Dr Thomas Wochele-Thoma, MSc
Specialist in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine Dr Christopher Beham, MSc

Office of the Styrian Provincial Government
Department 8 Health and Care

Dr Thomas Amegah, MAS(ÖGD), MPH
Elisabethinen Hospital Graz Dr Michael Weldi, MSc MBA
Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Red Cross Tyrol, Medical University Innsbruck Prof Dr Franz Allerberger
Austrian Red Cross, Department of Operations and Health Thomas Seltsam
Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) Dr Marcus Dekens
Karl Landsteiner Private University Krems Dr SusanneRabady



The project team has worked intensively on dissemination activities for the project content. Through a variety of public appearances, publications and presentations, the preliminary findings and successes were shared with a wide audience. These endeavours not only contributed to the public visibility of the project, but also promoted the exchange of knowledge within the specialist community.

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IDIMT-2023 New Challenges for ICT and Management, page 29 - IDIMT Conference in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic), 06/09 - 08/09/2023

Disaster Research Conference - Proceedings 2023, page 68 - Disaster Research Conference in Leoben, 11 and 12 September 2023

The FFG is the central national funding organization and strengthens Austria's innovative power. This project is funded by the FFG.

Last updated: 22.02.2024

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