JA Prevent NCDs: Prevention of cancer and other non-communicable diseases


The EU Joint Action Prevent NCD is an EU-funded initiative with 108 partners from 25 European countries. The common goal is to reduce cardiovascular disease and cancer at all levels of society, with a focus on nutrition, smoking and alcohol.

Project description

NCDs (non-communicable diseases) such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes make up the largest proportion of diseases in Europe, accounting for 80% of deaths. Non-communicable diseases are caused by a combination of genetic, physiological, environmental and behavioural factors. Around 60% of deaths are due to modifiable risk factors such as tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diets, overweight and obesity, and alcohol-related harm.

PreventNCD supports Member States in the planning and implementation of initiatives:

  • Developing public health guidelines
  • Developing and introducing new policies
  • Participation in the pilot testing of innovative practices
  • Developing support measures such as training and partnerships, health communication or health literacy
  • Implementation of best practices in health promotion and disease prevention.

The action will increase public health measures in all Member States and improve prevention, health promotion and the management of non-communicable diseases. Our Nutrition & Prevention Centre is particularly involved in improving the implementation of and compliance with existing measures and regulations targeting the main risk factors of non-communicable diseases in the diet:

  • Harmonisation of a nutritional profile
  • Promotion of reformulation (e.g. reduction of sugar or salt in processed foods)
  • Sustainable food system and public food procurement
  • Nutrition labelling on the front of packaging
  • (Online) food marketing and media literacy

Benefits of the project

PreventNCD supports strategies and policies that reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases. The aim is to reduce the risk factors for these diseases at both a personal and social level.

Project details

Project title: Cancer and other NCDs prevention - action on health determinants

Project acronym: PreventNCD

Project management: Helsedirektoratet, Norway

Project management AGES: Dr Alexandra Wolf

Project partners: 108 partners from 25 European countries

Funding: EU funding programme - EU4Health; EU4H-2022-JA-02: Direct grants to Member States' authorities: Cancer and other NCDs prevention - action on health determinants

Projektlaufzeit: 01.2024-12.2027

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