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Heat years are cotton boll owl years

The cotton boll owl is a nocturnal butterfly. Especially in hot years, its caterpillars appear in late summer on lettuce, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, corn and various flowers.

Females can lay over 1,000 eggs depending on the nutritional status of the caterpillar, the bollworm, from which they have developed. Depending on the temperature, several generations of moths can develop per season. Originally, the cotton boll owl originates from tropical and subtropical regions. In Austria, especially in the peripheral areas of the Pannonian Plain, it now also occurs annually. In very hot years, mass occurrences may occur.

The pupae of the cotton chapweed can overwinter in dry, not too cold soils. The adult butterfly can fly very well and can cover distances of up to 1,000 km with the help of the wind. Thus, in summer it can advance from the south far into the north of Europe.

We have been conducting annual monitoring on the occurrence of the cotton boll owl since 2016.

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