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Mosquito monitoring: annual report 2023

The distribution of the Asian tiger mosquito in Austria in 2023 was similar to the previous year. This species is already present in large numbers, particularly in parts of Vienna and Graz.

In the greater Linz area, the number of findings is currently still relatively low compared to Vienna and Graz. However, as tiger mosquitoes have been found repeatedly since 2021, especially in the Keferfeld district, there is a high risk that tiger mosquitoes will become even more common here and continue to spread. As can also be seen from the Mosquito Alert data, the spatial spread of tiger mosquitoes in these three cities has increased compared to 2022.

In addition to urban areas, tiger mosquitoes were also very frequently detected at motorway service stations. At locations where they were found continuously, there was usually an active season from the beginning of June to the beginning of October.

We carry out ovitrap monitoring in co-operation with the federal states, universities and associations on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

Ovitrap monitoring of alien mosquito species in Austria - annual report 2023

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