Feed Law Training

Feed law regulations in Austria and the EU

Feed law requirements determine the everyday life of a feed business. The abundance of regulations and their continuous amendment is an ongoing challenge for feed business operators. On the one hand, we are directly involved with our experts in the creation of legal texts (national and EU level), and on the other hand, we have to implement them practically during feed inspections within the scope of responsibility of the Federal Office for Food Safety. We are happy to pass on the knowledge and experience gained from this activity to interested representatives of various target groups.

Our offer

Prepared training packages, on request also in the form of modules in compact form, for the following target groups:

  • Commercial entrepreneurs for livestock feeds
  • Commercial entrepreneurs for pet food
  • Farm animal owners (farmers)
  • Pet owners (especially dog and cat owners) and horse owners

In advance, desired topics and focal points can be coordinated.

Training content

  • Austrian feed law (Feed Act, Feed Ordinance).
  • Essential aspects and contents of the EU feed law
  • Distinction to other legal matters (especially food and medicinal products)
  • Target group specific case studies and practical applications (e.g. advertising claims)
  • Current topics (depending on relevance: salmonella, heavy metals, HCB, dioxin, etc.)
  • Questions submitted by the participants
  • Discussion

E-Learning Feed Law

This e-learning course serves to convey the essential contents of the respective EU regulations; special cases from practice are not dealt with conclusively. The course consists of 5 module units with a duration of about 20 minutes each. The modules can be purchased individually or as a complete package as required. Participation is possible on an ongoing basis.



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Last updated: 28.06.2023

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