ISTA member laboratory for seeds (ATDL03)

Our ISTA member laboratory for seeds (ATDL03) is located in our Food Security Business Unit and is managed as a government laboratory.

Our services

ISTA as a reference task:

  • Contribute to the further development of harmonized methods for seed testing at the international level.
  • Maintenance of a specific certification under the ISTA accreditation standard including the authorization to issue ISTA certificates for international seed trade in order to promote seed trade and to improve food security
  • mandatory participation in a ring test program and implementation of the methods within the framework of EU-compliant seed certification in Austria
  • as a reference laboratory, we are also available as an arbitration body for relevant issues


Institut für Saat- und Pflanzengut, Pflanzenschutzdienst und Bienen

Last updated: 10.10.2023

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