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National Reference Center for Escherichia coli including verotoxin-producing E. coli (VTEC).

In November 2006, our Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene Graz took over the tasks of the National Reference Laboratory for escherichia coli including verotoxin-forming e. coli for food and feed, subsequently also for the veterinary sector, and since 01.01.2010 additionally the tasks of the corresponding National Reference Center for human samples.

Our services

  • Detection of EIEC, EPEC, ETEC, EAggEC and VTEC in human stool samples;
  • Isolation and cultural detection of VTEC from human stool, food, and environmental samples using selective nutrient media, immunomagnetic separation, slide agglutination, and PCR;
  • Confirmation and typing of submitted isolates by biochemical and molecular biological methods;
  • Serotyping;
  • Fine typing of VTEC: typing of shigatoxin genes (PCR), subtyping of shigatoxin genes and typing of other virulence genes (whole genome sequencing);
  • Identification of epidemiological correlations using whole genome sequencing data;
  • Detection of specific antibodies in HUS in human serum;
  • Keeping a master collection of all human, veterinary, feed and food isolates;
  • Clarification of sources and routes of infection in the context of outbreak investigations;
  • Advising on issues of diagnostics, reporting requirements, epidemiology, food safety, prevention or preventive measures;


Mag. Dr. Sabine Schlager

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Dr. Christian Kornschober

Last updated: 25.04.2022

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