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LE 14-20 Continuing education and training

With our diverse and comprehensive expert knowledge of agricultural inputs and their use for sustainable innovative management, animal health and food and feed safety, we offer advanced training seminars, workshops, information events and farm visits on educational projects for rural development (LE 14-20) including ÖPUL (Austrian Program for Environmentally Sound Agriculture). The educational offer on LE 14-20 of our AGES Academy is still young and is continuously expanded in cooperation with other educational providers and partners (first and foremost the LFIs- rural training institutes).

Our experts offer an up-to-date and valuable transfer of knowledge to farmers through their leading work on technical content and regulations in Austria and in cooperation at EU level. You can obtain further training from us on the following topics: soil and plant nutrition, fertilizers, seeds, varieties and biodiversity, plant health, plant protection products, animal health, food and feed safety and bees. The feedback from farmers in the courses is a valuable contribution for us to better meet the need for practical content with the objectives of LE 14-20, the ÖPUL.

The modern methods of knowledge transfer applied by our AGES Academy as well as the recognized professional competence of the lecturers make it possible to provide our existing integrative knowledge directly. Our already established and continuously developed AGRAR online tools are integrated into the seminar and workshop contents and allow for an optimized beneficial application on the farm for the participants. In cooperation with the LFI-Austria, we are developing e-learning offers on soil and nitrogen, among others.

Course offer

You will find the courses offered by our AGES Academy on educational content of LE 14-20 listed chronologically in the calendar of events . Also use the e-learning offers on LE 14-20, on the educational obligations on the ÖPUL measures of the LFI-Austria and the LFIs in the federal provinces.

Some educational measures are subsidized under the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 in the funding measure "Knowledge transfer and information measures in agriculture and forestry" with support from the federal government, the provinces and the European Union .

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Event review

As part of our online field days, experts presented current findings from variety value testing, from our trials, and results from national and international research projects.

Online field day with short videos from the Fuchsenbigl experimental station, Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

  • Cereals - new and proven varieties in winter and spring cereals for the Pannonian region
    • Focus on drought resistance
    • Yield protection of wheat & rye in the Pannonian region
    • Project KLIMAFIT - Varietal reactions under different irrigation regimes
    • Other crops: rye and durum wheat
  • Protein crop - soybean
    • Maturity groups and varieties for Eastern Austria
    • Demands on water supply
    • Project KLIMAFIT - Testing for varietal differences in drought tolerance
  • Sugar beet: The right choice of varieties and nematodes - A topic in Marchfeld
  • Soil: Soil moisture, water holding capacity, physical soil properties, tillage, eBOD.
  • Nanoviruses on pea and other legumes and warning service of aphid vectors
  • Current issues - drought, crop development, pest emergence, etc.


Online field day with short videos from the Großnondorf Experimental Station, Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

  • Cereals, DI Clemens Flamm
    • Drought, symptoms, wheat trial - very early varieties.
    • Wheat - healthy stand
    • Winter wheat - sowing time trial
    • Trial - spring barley fall cropping
  • Sugar beet, Ing. Josef Rieppl
    • Value testing sugar beet, nematode tolerant varieties
    • Cultivation, herbicide tolerance and pill varieties
    • Variety testing station Engelhartstetten and trial field Eckartsau
  • Potato, DI Josef Söllinger
    • Variety testing, testing criteria, variety trials
    • Potato varieties
  • Soil, Dr. Georg Dersch
    • Electronic soil map, soil erosion by water


Engelhartstetten variety testing station and Eckartsau trial field

Online field day with short videos from the Fuchsenbigl experimental station, Monday, June 22, 2020.

  • Cereals, DI Clemens Flamm
    • Experimental station Fuchsenbigl, value testing, variety trial winter barley
    • Treatment trial winter barley: split plot (fungicide), diseases barley (powdery mildew, dwarf rust, net blotch), stripe disease
    • Breeding progress: spring barley old varieties - new varieties
    • Winter wheat Ear fusarium
    • Presentation on cereals
  • Project "Liveseed", DI Angela Thüringer
    • Project "Liveseed" - trial on wheat stone blight
  • Oil and protein crops, DI Klemens Mechtler
    • Current varieties and breeding progress in soybean, oilseed rape & oil pumpkin (stand room)
    • Soybean, nitrogen supply in soybean
  • Soil, Dr. Adelheid Spiegel, DI Angelika Xaver
    • Soil profile
    • AGES tillage trial
    • Digital soil map (eBOD) - map nitrate retention capacity, usable field capacity, erosion map


Field day at the Hagenberg Experimental Station, Tuesday, June 23, 2020

  • Cereals, DI Clemens Flamm
    • Current findings from variety trials for the Mühlviertel region
    • Yield protection of cereals by fungicides in the Mühlviertel region
  • List of trials 2020, Michael Leitner
  • Soil, Dr. Georg Dersch
    • Soil erosion by water
    • Digital soil map (eBOD) - map nitrate retention capacity, usable field capacity, erosion map

Online field day with short videos from the Gleisdorf experimental station, Friday, September 4, 2020.

  • Soybean, oil pumpkin, DI Klemens Mechtler
    • Soybean - site adapted varieties and cultivation measures
    • AGES variety finder, oil pumpkin, soybean
  • Maize, DI Hans Felder
    • Maize trials and Fusarium trial
  • Pests in maize, oil pumpkin & cereals, Mag. Katharina Wechselberger
  • Soil, Dr. Georg Dersch
    • Soil erosion by water
    • Digital soil map (eBOD) - map nitrate retention capacity, usable field capacity, erosion map
    • Soil presentation


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